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jOOU stands for jOOU Object Oriented Unsigned. It is filling up the gap with one of Java's most wanted features: The unsigned number types.




For use with Java 9+


For use with Java 6+



This library provides an implementation for the four basic unsigned integer types as wrappers:

  • UByte
  • UShort
  • UInteger
  • ULong

These classes extend java.lang.Number and implement java.lang.Comparable<?>, just like the JDK's own wrapper types. Besides, there is a utility class called org.joou.Unsigned with factory methods allowing for creating unsigned wrappers like this:

import static org.joou.Unsigned.*;

// and then...
UByte    b = ubyte(1);
UShort   s = ushort(1);
UInteger i = uint(1);
ULong    l = ulong(1);

This project was created for, to provide better support for MySQL, Postgres, and other databases' unsigned integer data types, and has been open sourced as an independent library for usage outside of jOOQ.

See also this stack overflow question here: