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jQAssistant Master Repository

We splitted jQAssistant in multiple single repositories to be able to build a better and more flexible build an release infrastructure then we had before.

Do not raise any new issues for this repository. Raise new issues only in the affected repository.

Want to get started? Here are some links to help you:

If you have questions related to jQAssistant please get in touch with us via the jQAssistant forum or Stackoverflow.

The table below lists the repositories jQAssistant is made of.

Table 1. List of jQAssistant repositories

Asciidoctor Report Plugin

CDI Plugin

Commandline Distribution

Core Framework

EJB 3 Plugin

GraphML Plugin

Java Plugin

Java 8 Plugin

Java EE 6 Plugin

JAX RS Plugin

JPA 2 Plugin

JSON Plugin

M2 Repo Plugin

Maven 3 Plugin

JUnit Plugin

Neo4j Backend

OSGi Plugin

Plugin for Apache Maven

RDBMS Plugin

Spring Plugin

TestNG Plugin

Tycho Plugin

XML Plugin

YAML Plugin

YAML 2 Plugin