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πŸ“ A set of advanced compositional layouts for UICollectionView with examples [Swift 5.1, iOS 13].
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compositional-layouts-kit Awesome

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Last Update: 23/August/2019.

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✍️ About

πŸ“ A set of advanced compositional layouts for UICollectionView with examples [Swift 5.1, iOS 13]. All the layouts support both portrait and landscape orientations as well as support for all iOS and iPadOS related size classes.

πŸ“š Contents

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πŸ— Setup

There are no dependencies as well as any package managers involved. The project has more like a demo app setup e.g simply grab what you need for your needs. Each layout is wrapped into a separate UIViewController type for convenience (I could've create a separate layout factory and have just a single view controller, however, for the sake of simplicity I decided to make it possible to extract layouts with all the dependent code).

✈️ Usage

Simply grab a UIViewController type with a custom layout and adjust it for your needs. The layouts are in here.

πŸ†˜ Tips

  1. Not all layouts may look cool in landscape orientations. In order to make them look cooler and take advantage of different aspect ratio of a screen, you need to create an alternative layout that is basically the copy of the portrait layout, but has different set of fractional width and height.
  2. If you want to have different layouts in portrait and landscape device orientations, you need to use either one of the following approaches:
    • Use viewWillTransition(to size: , with coordinator:) method (of UIViewController class) and setCollectionViewLayout(, animated: completion:) method of UICollectionView class to properly animate changes of layout when changing orientation.
    • More advanced and preffered approach is to implement a custom UICollectionViewTransitionLayout, which is (a quote from Apple's Docs):

    A special type of layout object that lets you implement behaviors when changing from one layout to another in your collection view.

⚠️ Warning

The assets used in this project were taken from the Web. Do not use them for commercial purposes and proprietary projects. They are used just for demonstration only.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Author

Astemir Eleev

πŸ”– Licence

The project is available under MIT Licence

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