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Look at this video.

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There are two methods to get this plugin working depending on the way you have installed Visit.

  • If you install a precompiled version of visit
  • If you compile your own VisIt

####If you install a precompiled version of visit

This assumes that you have successfully installed a binary distribution of visit and that the /bin directory of the VisIt distribution is in your path. ** Important ** Make sure you use a compiler that is binary-compatible with the one used to compile VisIt (e.g. this has been tried successfuly with a VisIt binary compiled with gcc 4.8 and a local compiler for the plugin gcc 4.9).

Checkout the latest version of visitESSI


cd visitESSI
xml2cmake -clobber visitESSI.xml
cmake .

If the last step goes well, you should be able to run VisitESSI plugin. Confirm by checking whether the plugin is available by trying to open an ESSI output file or see if visitESSI is one of the plugins available for opening files.

####If you compile your own VisIt

A VisIt plugin that reads ESSI (HDF5) output. For what follows $(VISIT_DIR) is the directory where the visit tarball and install script are installed.

Compiles with VisIt 2.9.2 on Ubuntu 14.04, with gcc-4.9. Do a regular install of VisIt. I use the flags:

./build_visit2_9_2 --required --hdf5 --szip --makeflags "-j 16"

Once visit compiles without errors (and you can execute the visit executable), then go into

cd $(VISIT_DIR)/visit2.8.1/visit2.8.1/src/databases
git clone
cd visitESSI
../../bin/xml2cmake -clobber visitESSI.xml
cd ..

Now you should be in $(VISIT_DIR)/visit2.8.1/visit2.8.1/src/databases again. There you need to edit the CMakeLists.txt file to add the visitESSI plugin to the list of plugins that depend on HDF5. I put mine just under the line that reads:


Once that is done, go one level up ($(VISIT_DIR)/visit2.8.1/visit2.8.1/src/) and type

cmake .
make -j $(nprocs)

Wher $(nprocs) is the number of processes you wish yo use.

If all goes well, VisIt should be aware of plugin and be able to open .h5.feioutput files.

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