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This ScratchX extension lets you control your BBC micro:bit wirelessly using Scratch programming blocks. You can use this new blocks to design a whole new way of interacting with your Scratch projects.

Note: This ScratchX BBC micro:bit extension was developed to complement the oficial extension, that only supports Mac OS X at this time.

This extension is known to work on Windows 10 + Chrome, Ubuntu 16.04 + Firefox and Raspberry PI 3 Raspbian + Chromium.

Getting Started

Sorry, there is no installer yet, so we need some manual steps.

  1. Download the makecode-microbit-scratch-extension.hex and copy it to the BBC micro:bit using a USB cable.
  2. Get Node.js if you don't have it yet. Some familiarity with this tool may be necessary.
  3. Clone or download this repository
  4. Open a terminal window, go to the repository and
npm install
  1. Start the extension with
node index.js
  1. Launch the BBC micro:bit extension in English or Portuguese


Monitor a plant using the analog input pins of a BBC micro:bit.

Garden Monitoring

Check your orientation using a compass and a BBC micro:bit.


Technical stuff

  • firmware: information about the firmware development.
  • noble-uwp: library responsible for the bluetooth communication on Windows 10.
  • node-bbc-microbit: API for controling a BBC micro:bit using Node.js