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This is a "What's App" like collection of bots developed by CodeForIndia for the Learning X-Prize competition, and because we think bots for education is a good idea.

It consists of a simple chat framework in which the bots live, and a very simple bot api bots use to communicate.

Do develop a bot, just subclass the Bot class and implement the onMessageReceived(ChatItem item) function. Check out EchoBot for a very simple example.

Right now 'Srini' is the most developed of our bots. Srini is a virtual math tutor who uses a simple chat interface to provide students with practice with a variety of simple math problems. Srini starts with simple addition and moves through subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, rounding, decimals, negative numbers, equations and functions. Students practice one problem type until they demonstrate understanding by getting a few correct answers in a row, and then they progress on to the next problem type.

Srini is loosely modeled after the Khan Academy problem sets for simple arithmetic though equations and functions have been brought forward from pre-algebra because they are interesting, reinforce the learning from simple arithmetic and lead nicely into programming.

Srini is being developed by the CodeForIndia team for the Learning X-Prize. We believe in the mission of creating chatbots to help people develop useful skills. We hope to continue to evolve Srini in the months and years ahead as well as introduce new learning bots to help people with other skills.