A bidirectional Git - Bazaar gateway
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git-bzr: a bidirectional git - bazaar gateway

This is a python version of the original Ruby ``git-bzr`` script, at

There is also a ``sh`` version at http://github.com/kfish/git-bzr

I wrote this python version because I know python well and it was a
rather quick conversion.  The code and this README file are a direct
port of the Ruby original, with thanks.

Does it work?

Yes, at the moment, it does.  I am using git_ version 1.7.1, bzr_ version
2.0.2, and the current development version (revision 268) of
bzr-fastimport_.  It looks like this setup will allow me to pull in a
bzr repo, and push back git commits to that repo, and fetch a new commit
from the bzr repo.  Here's a test script that should work::

  mkdir test-git
  mkdir test-bzr
  cd test-bzr
  bzr init
  echo 'text' > afile
  bzr add afile
  bzr commit -m 'A file'
  cd ../test-git
  # make git repo and import
  git init
  git bzr add bzr-repo ../test-bzr
  git bzr fetch bzr-repo
  # make a git commit and push
  git co -b bzr-local bzr/bzr-repo
  echo 'more text' >> afile
  git commit -am 'More text'
  git bzr push bzr-repo
  # Make another one and push
  echo 'more text again' >> afile
  git commit -am 'More text again'
  git bzr push bzr-repo
  # Make another bzr commit
  cd ../test-bzr
  echo 'even more text' > another_file
  bzr add another_file
  bzr commit -m 'Another file'
  # import it - whoops - crash
  cd ../test-git
  git bzr fetch bzr-repo

There's a bug report from March 2009 describing the problems that I've tried to hack round:

I'd be happy to hear from y'all.

What does it do?

This script should allow you to add bazaar repositories as git branches
in your git repository. After that, you can fetch the Bazaar repo, make
some changes, and push it back into Bazaar.

How does it work?

An example session goes like this::

  $ git bzr add upstream ../bzr-branch
  $ git bzr fetch upstream
  $ git checkout -b local_branch bzr/upstream
  $ Hack hack, merge merge....
  $ git bzr push upstream

How should I install it?

You need a newish Git (v 1.6.0 or higher). 

Furthermore, you need the Bazaar fastimport plugin - bzr-fastimport_

Finally, you need to install the ``git-bzr`` script, which is written in
Python, somewhere. 

How is it licensed?

The git-bzr script is licensed under the same license as Git.

.. _git: http://git-scm.com/
.. _bzr: http://bazaar.canonical.com/
.. _bzr-fastimport: https://launchpad.net/bzr-fastimpor