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This project contains a small utility that helps using standard Emacs keyboard macros easier. Let's assume following small editing problem where the links should be converted from "http" => "https" and each surrounded by quotes suitable for inserting to some programming code:

The same task would be repeated for each line, In Emacs, position the cursor at the beginning of the first line, press the macro recording key C-x ( and do whatever editing you need to do to complete the first line. Say, like this:

print "";

When the last colon(;) is in place, you would stop recording the macro with key binding C-x ). It's just that how do you recall the macro easily for rest of the lines?

This package contains function that asks at the end of macro recording C-x ``)`, where the user wants to save the macro for later recall.

Tinymacro: Set last macro to key(s): <press any key, or combination>

If you record multiple macros, each one of them can be stored to different keys. Usually the F-keys are good places for storing temporary macros as they are mostly free and easily accessible.

If you reuse the same key, or of you accidentally press unwanted key, you will receive a warning before the key is about to be bound:

Key already occupied by tinymacro--macro1; continue? (y or n)
TinyMacro: Created function: tinymacro--macro1


This repository is part of the Epackages network. The epackages are pre-formatted software packages for Emacs that provide easy way to install more features to Emacs. Similar to concept of Windows MSI or RedHat Linux *.rpm and Debian *.deb packages.

See DELPS, Distributed Emacs Lisp Packages, for more information.