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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pytumblr
from datetime import datetime # for strptime
import re
import os
import codecs
import argparse
import hashlib # for image URL->path hashing
import urllib2 # for image downloading
def processPostBodyForImages(postBody, imagesPath, imagesUrlPath):
tumblrImageUrl = re.compile(r"https?://[0-z.]+tumblr\.com/[0-z_/]+(\.jpe?g|\.png|\.gif)")
while True:
# Coding pattern recommended by
imageMatch =, postBody)
if not imageMatch:
concreteImageUrl =
concreteImageExtension =
imageHash = hashlib.sha256(concreteImageUrl).hexdigest()
# Create the image folder if it does not exist
if not os.path.exists(imagesPath):
concreteImagePath = os.path.join(imagesPath, imageHash + concreteImageExtension)
imageOutputUrlPath = os.path.join(imagesUrlPath, imageHash + concreteImageExtension)
# Assumes that all images are downloaded in full by httpclient, does not check for file integrity
if os.path.exists(concreteImagePath):
# This image was already downloaded, so just replace the URL in body
postBody = postBody.replace(concreteImageUrl, imageOutputUrlPath)
print "Found image url", concreteImageUrl, "already downloaded to path", concreteImagePath
# Download the image and then replace the URL in body
imageContent = urllib2.urlopen(concreteImageUrl).read()
f = open(concreteImagePath, 'wb')
postBody = postBody.replace(concreteImageUrl, imageOutputUrlPath)
print "Downloaded image url", concreteImageUrl, "to path", concreteImagePath
return postBody
def downloader(apiKey, host, postsPath, downloadImages, imagesPath, imagesUrlPath):
# Authenticate via API Key
client = pytumblr.TumblrRestClient(apiKey)
# Make the request
processed = 0
total_posts = 1
posts_per_type = {}
while processed < total_posts:
response = client.posts(host, limit=20, offset=processed, filter='raw')
total_posts = response['total_posts']
posts = response['posts']
processed += len(posts)
print "Processing..."
for post in posts:
print " http://" + host + "/post/" + str(post["id"])
posts_per_type[post['type']] += 1
except KeyError:
posts_per_type[post['type']] = 1
postDate = datetime.strptime(post["date"], "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z")
if post['type'] == 'text':
title = post["title"]
body = post["body"]
elif post["type"] == "photo":
title = "Photo post"
body = "{% img " + post["photos"][0]["original_size"]["url"] + " %}\n\n" + post["caption"]
elif post["type"] == "video":
title = "Video post"
# Grab the widest embed code
known_width = 0
for player in post["player"]:
if player["width"] > known_width:
player_code = player["embed_code"]
body = str(player_code) + "\n\n" + post["caption"]
elif post["type"] == "link":
title = "Link post"
body = "<" + post["url"] + ">\n\n" + post["description"]
elif post["type"] == "quote":
title = "Quote post"
body = post["source"] + "\n\n<blockquote>" + post["text"] + "</blockquote>"
title = "(unknown post type)"
body = "missing body"
print post
# Download images if requested
if downloadImages:
body = processPostBodyForImages(body, imagesPath, imagesUrlPath)
# We have completely processed the post and the Markdown is ready to be output
# Generate a slug out of the title: replace weird characters …
slug = re.sub('[^0-9a-zA-Z- ]', '', title.lower().strip())
# … collapse spaces …
slug = re.sub(' +', ' ', slug)
# … convert spaces to tabs …
slug = slug.replace(' ', '-')
# … and prepend date
slug = postDate.strftime("%Y-%m-%d-") + slug
# If path does not exist, make it
if not os.path.exists(postsPath):
f =, slug), encoding='utf-8', mode="w")
tags = ""
if len(post["tags"]):
tags = "\ntags:\n- " + "\n- ".join(post["tags"])
f.write("---\nlayout: post\ndate: " + post["date"] + tags + "\ntitle: \"" + title.replace('"', '\\"') + "\"\n---\n" + body)
print "Processed", processed, "out of", total_posts, "posts"
print "Posts per type:", posts_per_type
def findFileName(path, slug):
"""Make sure the file doesn't already exist"""
for attempt in range(0, 99):
file_name = makeFileName(path, slug, attempt)
if not os.path.exists(file_name):
return file_name
print "ERROR: Too many clashes trying to create filename " + makeFileName(path, slug)
def makeFileName(path, slug, exists = 0):
suffix = "" if exists == 0 else "-" + str(exists + 1)
return os.path.join(path, slug) + suffix + ".markdown"
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Tumblr to Markdown downloader",
epilog = """
This app downloads all your Tumblr content into Markdown files that are suitable for processing with Octopress. Optionally also downloads the images hosted on Tumblr and replaces their URLs with locally hosted versions.
parser.add_argument('--apikey', dest="apiKey", required=True, help="Tumblr API key")
parser.add_argument('--host', dest="host", required=True, help="Tumblr site host, e.g")
parser.add_argument('--posts-path', dest="postsPath", default="_posts", help="Output path for posts, by default “_posts”")
parser.add_argument('--download-images', dest="downloadImages", action="store_true", help="Whether to download images hosted on Tumblr into a local folder, and replace their URLs in posts")
parser.add_argument('--images-path', dest="imagesPath", default="images", help="If downloading images, store them to this local path, by default “images”")
parser.add_argument('--images-url-path', dest="imagesUrlPath", default="/images", help="If downloading images, this is the URL path where they are stored at, by default “/images”")
args = parser.parse_args()
if not args.apiKey:
print "Tumblr API key is required."
if not
print "Tumblr host name is required."
downloader(args.apiKey,, args.postsPath, args.downloadImages, args.imagesPath, args.imagesUrlPath)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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