A LibreOffice Calc function to return a basic table editor script from a range of cells

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I have developed a simple workaround for those who would like to embed spreadsheet ranges in Zim as an editable table rather than as an image (with or without a link to an external spreadsheet). It involves Zim's Table Editor plugin, and defining a LibreOffice function via Tools/Macros/Edit Macros:

 Function RangeToZim(pArray()) as String
     Dim i as Long
     Dim j as Long
     Dim rText as String
     rText = ""
     For i = Lbound(pArray()) to Ubound(pArray())
         rText = rText +"|"
         For j = Lbound(pArray(),2) to Ubound(pArray(),2)
             rText = rText & pArray(i,j) & "|"
             Next j
         rText = rText + chr(10)
     Next i
     rText = rText + chr(10)
     RangeToZim = rText
 End Function REM RangeToZim

Then a simple formula like *=RANGETOZIM(A1:C4)*returns a result like:


Which should be copied and Paste Only as Text for embedding in Zim. Don't forget to CTRL+R to render the Table Editor widget.

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