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Android Access using Markor

Robert Riebisch edited this page Dec 27, 2023 · 5 revisions

As of December 2023, there is no full-featured editor for Zim Desktop Wiki notebooks on the Android operating system.

Note: All applications listed on this page are free software available on the F-Droid app store and possibly Google Play and the Amazon app store as well.

Markor is an Android note document editor supporting the following file formats:

  • Markdown
  • todo.txt (one-record-per-line Todo item database)
  • Zim Desktop Wiki
  • plain text

In Markor, documents can be edited in "Edit" mode which shows the unformatted source code. Syntax highlighting is provided. Markor also has a "Preview" mode with the document converted into read-only rich text where inline images, styles, and hyperlinks work as expected.

What works with Zim notebooks in Markor:

  • Headings
  • Character styles
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Inline images
  • Search in this document
  • Search entire notebook — Markor doesn't track "notebooks" per se; you can browse filesystem folders, and since Markor v2.7 (June 2021) you can search a folder for filenames or text content in files recursively. Even regex search is supported.
  • Table of Contents listing pages in a notebook -- sorta works. Markor doesn't track notebooks, but you can browse files and folders, and open text files in its document editor.

What doesn't work with Zim notebooks in Markor:

  • Hyperlinks to other notebook pages — executing a link opens a blank document view with a back button.

Not yet tested by an author on this wiki:

  • Non-image attachments

Alternative Apps for Searching

Brendan Kidwell looked for a file manager that would support searching. (October 2021)

I tried Simple File Manager Pro.

  • Only supports searching filenames, not file content.
  • Able to launch a search result in Markor.

I tried Ghost Commander.

  • Can search filenames or file content — case-sensitive only.
  • Unable to launch a search result in Markor; apparently does not transmit full target path to launched app.

If you have a solution for searching Zim files on Android, please revise this section!


Brendan Kidwell recommends Syncthing (on your desktop or laptop or server computer), for providing peer-to-peer distributed syncing of personal file collections.

Syncthing has at least two Android front-end apps each packaged with the Syncthing sharing daemon from the upstream project:

  • Syncthing Fork - provides a somewhat better UI than the reference implementation below
  • Syncthing (choose "Google Play" or "F-Droid" on the downloads page) - reference implementation

Warning! Read the documentation for Syncthing carefully if you've never used it before. And DO NOT SETUP SYNCING without backing up all of your notebooks first!

Instead of Syncthing you can also use non-free hosted services such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Anything that can sync a tree of files in folders should work fine.


Markor Screenshots on Brendan Kidwell's OneDrive

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