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To start zim in the system tray (icon visible, but no window popping up) run zim --plugin trayicon.

To make this command run automatically every time you start your computer, add it to the "autostart applications".

Autostart on Ubuntu / Fedora / Gnome 3

The should work with all Linux dsitributions that use gnome3 on the desktop. I use it with Ubuntu running Gnome rather than Unity, and you should also be to use this command in the latest Fedora.

First, you need to open a terminal. At the command prompt, type:

  • gnome-session-properties
  • A window should pop up listing all your autostart applications. Click on Add, to create a new startup. Another window should appear asking for information.
  • For Name, enter: ZIM Desktop Wiki
  • For Command, enter: /usr/bin/zim --plugin trayicon
  • For Comment, enter: ZIM - A desktop wiki application

Alternatively if you want to autostart zim showing the main window for a specific notebook you can set the command to zim --gui NOTEBOOK where "NOTEBOOK" is one of your zim notebooks. If you don't specify a notebook you get the default notebook or the notebook selection dialog.

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