Convert a tabbed table into a Zim table

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Case: convert a simple tabbed table, for example copied from a browser or LibreOffice Calc, in a Zim table.

  1. Download and put the script in your "/home/user/bin" directory or wherever you like
  2. Make it executable.
  3. Go into Zim Tools --> Custom Tools, and add the script at the bottom of the page with the "%t" command line argument (name the menu item Tabs2table, for example).


  1. Copy or write a table like this one in a Zim page (spaces are TABs):
1	2	3
4	5	6
  1. Select it

  2. Click on the menu Zim Tools --> Tabs2table

  3. Refresh the page by switching to another page and then returning to the original one

File "":


$i = 0;
foreach $l (split(/\n/, $ARGV[0])) {
    if ($i == 0) {
        $h1 = $l;
        $h1 =~ s/\t/ | /g;
        $h1 = "| $h1 |";
        $h2 = $h1;
        $h2 =~ s/[^|]/-/g;       
        $h2 =~ s/-\|/:|/g;
    else {
        $l =~ s/\t/ | /g;
        $l = "| $l |";
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