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Convert2tags2mail plugin

Murat Güven edited this page Nov 7, 2015 · 3 revisions

The idea to this plugin was born out of the need that whenever I have a meeting with a large number of participants, it was quite an effort to add all participants as tags (people tag) into my meeting notes, even by using my auto completion plugin ;)

Usually, I open the MS Outlook invitation, switch to scheduling assistant and then copy the list of all attendees into the zim page.

Then I get such a list: Güven, Ugur Murat;Doe, John;Doe, Jane; and many more;

As my people tags have this pattern @LastnameFirstname I was able to do a quick hack by using the linesorting plugin (thanks to Norfcran for the plugin), which worked quite ok.

As you can see, even my full name does not fit into that pattern, as I have a middle name ;). In addition, some entries had additional information in brackets next to the name -> Doe, John (Whatever).

Then I thought: ‘What if others have other data, where the delimiter is not semicolon?’

Long story short. With this plugin...

  • You are able to select the delimiter

  • Set the source and the destination pattern

  • Set filters to remove anything from the tags, now with * as wildcard. Following works: (*) or <*> removes everything within () or <> including the brackets. Or something like *@ or @*

  • Compare the data with existing tags and select similar instead

The current implementation allows this:

  • Convert selected text to tags.

Source pattern: %Ln%, %Fn%, %Mn% (-> free to use any delimiter, free to use any text in between %%, pattern needs to reflect the source data’s pattern).

Target pattern: %Ln%%Fn% (-> free to use order, free to use any delimiter which Zim allows, text used between %% needs to be the same as in source pattern, pattern is case sensitive)

  • Import calendar file (ics) into a note

  • Import data into a contacts page.

  • Send mail to selected tags with email address associated in the contacts page (with pre selection of the subject)

  • Recognition of chapters (see preferences) to split import data into these chapters (e.g. Attendees, Contexts, Invitation message)

  • Tag suggestion according to the imported invitation text and file name

Click this link and save the page as a file ( into the plugins folder of Zim Wiki


Within Windows, the plugins folder is here (Zim Version > 0.62): %appdata% and then \Roaming\zim\data\zim\plugins

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