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Create a table using LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Excel

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Insert image of spreadsheet table in Zim

You can create a table in LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Excel and copy that (or more accurately, an image of it) to Zim:

  1. Create table in a spreadsheet
  2. Select the table and copy (Ctrl + C or using the menu)
  3. Go to the Zim page were you want to have the table and paste (Ctrl + V or using the menu). This will insert an image of the table into your Zim page (you can find the png image in the attachment folder)

Link the actual table to the image

You can attach the actual spreadsheet and link the image to it so when you click on the image of the table, the spreadsheet will be opened.

  1. Save your spreadsheet and than import it in Zim (attach external file)
  2. Right click on the image of the table and select 'edit properties' in the context menu
  3. Fill in the field link to the path and name of the spreadsheet you just attached. If the name of your spreadsheet is my-sheet.xls_, this should be ./my-sheet.xls.
  4. Now, if you click on the image, the spreadsheet should open.
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