Crypt Selection Plugin

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A plugin for Zim-Wiki which encrypts the current selection, replacing plaintext in a ZIM page by its encrypted representation.

If a complete -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- ... -----END PGP MESSAGE----- block is selected then decrypt the block. For that to work the passphrase of the required secret key has to be provided via a pinentry popup, i.e. the gpg-agent has to be started before zim and has to be configured to display a pinentry popup.

Encryption and decryption commands to be used have to be configured once in the configuration dialog, use e.g.

  • as encryption command: '/usr/bin/gpg2 --always-trust -ear TheRecipientId'
  • as decryption command: '/usr/bin/gpg2 -d'

The plugin may be installed (like all Zim-Plugins) by cloning it to one of Zim's plugin search directories, like ~/.local/share/zim/plugins on Linux:

cd ~/.local/share/zim/plugins && git clone cryptselection

Zim plugin written by Klaus Holler (kho at gmx dot at)

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