Due date Plugin

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This plugin gives you a keyboard shortcut (Control key + Period key) to add a due date to a task.

Example: () I need to install this plugin in ZimWiki [d:2015-02-26]

You can change the format within the dates.list file. The dates.list file can be accessed via the date function and the keyboard shortcut (Control key + D key).
Standard is [d: %Y-%m-%d]

Value add of the due date plugin:

  • quicker access to due date
  • add x days to due date (number of days to be added can be changed within the plugin configuration)
  • show due date in entry boxes for easier changing (+ press c for calendar)
  • show calendar for selecting due date
  • change existing due date in a line

Click this link and save the page as a file (duedate.py) into the plugins folder of Zim Wiki

Due date plugin for ZimWiki Version > 0.61

Within Windows, the plugins folder is here (Zim Version > 0.62): %appdata% and then \Roaming\zim\data\zim\plugins

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