Install on OS X using Platypus

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How to install zim on Mac OS X and create also to run it easier.

  1. Download the needed packages:

  2. Install PYGTK.pkg (like a normal package: continue, continue, install, put your password, done).

  3. Run Platypus and put the following:

    • Icon: Drag any icon you like or keep the default one if you do not mind
    • App Name: Zim
    • Script Type: Bash
    • Script Path: choose New and put the following line inside (replace echo 'Hello, World'): ../Resources/zim-0.60/
    • Output: none
    • Identifier: default
    • Author: as default (usually your name)
    • Version: as you wish
    • Uncheck all four options
    • Files to be bundled into the application's Resources folder: add the folder of zim source.
  4. Click on Create button in Patypus, and your will be created in the choosen directory. Enjoy!