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Launch .txt File In Windows Using Zim or WordPad

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Use this script as the default associated program for .txt files in Windows, and it will launch the file in Zim or WordPad, according to whether or not it is a Zim wiki page.

To install the script, save it as txt-zim-launcher.cmd in your %USERPROFILE%/bin folder (or anywhere else you wish). Then browse to anywhere you have a .txt file in Windows Explorer, select "Open With..." and associate .txt files with the new txt-zim-launcher.cmd script.

If the Zim content type is not detected, the file is sent to WordPad. Else, if it is a Zim file, the script the first item it finds in this list and send the specified .txt file to it:

  1. zim-launcher.vbs in the same folder as the first script (Personally I have a custom launcher with this name in the same folder that prepares my Zim environment.)
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Zim Desktop Wiki\zim.exe
  3. C:\Program Files\Zim Desktop Wiki\zim.exe
  4. zim.exe (assumed to be in %PATH%)

Here is the script:

@set @z=0 /*
@echo off
start "" wscript //nologo //E:jscript "%~f0" %*
goto :eof

BE SURE TO NAME THIS FILE ENDING WITH ".cmd" or else Windows Explorer
won't want to use it as a default program for a file type.

filename = WScript.Arguments(0);
shell = WScript.CreateObject('WScript.Shell');
fs = WScript.CreateObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');

if(isZimFile(filename)) {
    shell.Run(zimExecutable() + ' "' + filename + '"');
} else {
    shell.Run('wordpad.exe "' + filename + '"');

/** Doe the specified file contain Content-Type header saying "text/x-zim-wiki"? */
function isZimFile(filename) {
    var FOR_READING = 1;
    var ts = fs.GetFile(filename).OpenAsTextStream(FOR_READING);
    var value = ts.ReadLine();
    return value.match(/Content-Type: text\/x-zim-wiki/i) != null;

/** Get path of launcher script or zim.exe */
function zimExecutable() {
    // Is there a zim-launcher.vbs in the same folder as txt-zim-launcher.cmd?
    var launcher = WScript.ScriptFullName.replace(/(\\)([^\\"]+)("?)$/, '$1zim-launcher.vbs$3');
    if(fs.FileExists(launcher)) {
        return 'wscript.exe ' + launcher;

    // Look for zim.exe in "Program Files (x86)" and "Program Files"
    launcher = 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Zim Desktop Wiki\\zim.exe';
    if(fs.FileExists(launcher)) {
        return '"' + launcher + "'";
    launcher = 'C:\\Program Files\\Zim Desktop Wiki\\zim.exe';
    if(fs.FileExists(launcher)) {
        return '"' + launcher + "'";
    // Assume zim.exe is in $PATH somewhere
    return 'zim.exe';
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