Mendeley Plugin

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Mendeley is a free cross-platform desktop reference and paper management program. This plugin allows the user to insert Mendeley citations that link directly to the Mendeley desktop application or to a DOI URL. This is accomplished by interfacing with the Mendeley application, which must be open for the plugin to function.

Page-specific bibliographies may be generated based on all of the citations found on a page. Any reference style from may be chosen.

The plugin can be found at, and can be cloned by issuing the command

git clone

within the Zim plugin directory. Citations may be inserted from the "Insert" menu, or by using the default SHIFT+CTRL+C key-binding. Bibliographies can be generated using the "Insert Mendeley Bibliography" option in the "Tools" menu.

Authored by Graham Rowlands. Mendeley API code is taken from their Open Office plugin code under the Educational Community License, Version 1.0.