Remove line breaks custom tool

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A Great Example To Show The Usage Of The "Custom Tools"

Created by nomnex

Case: How to remove the manual line breaks of simple text emails (e.g. Newsgroups, private msg., etc.) you past in Zim.

  • Download and put the script in your "/home/user/bin" directory or wherever you like
  • Make it executable.
  • Go into Zim Tools --> Custom Tools, and add the script with the "%f" commandline argument.

This will add the script in the tools menu and you can process pages in one go.

file "":


import sys
import re

def split_headers(text):
	'''Split zim headers from text and removes both seperately'''
	if text.startswith('Content-Type:'):
		# mail style headers
		headers, text = text.split('\n\n', 1)
			# split on first empty line
		return headers, text
		# no zim headers
		return '', text

def join_headers(headers, text):
	'''Join zim headers with body text, returns single page source'''
	if headers:
		return headers.rstrip() + '\n\n' + text.lstrip()
		return text.lstrip()

def remove_line_breaks(text):
	'''Removes line breaks within paragraphs, but keeps empty lines'''
	pattern = re.compile(r'^[ \t]+\n', re.M) # pattern for empty lines
	text = pattern.sub('\n', text) # fix empty lines to be really empty

	pattern = re.compile(r'(?<!==)\n') # pattern for newline not at end of heading in zim wiki syntax
	parts = text.split('\n\n') # split on empty lines
	parts = [pattern.sub(' ', p) for p in parts] # replace line breaks with space
	parts = [p for p in parts if len(p) and not p.isspace()] # remove empty para
	return '\n\n'.join(parts) # join with empty lines

def remove_line_breaks_in_zim_page(file):
	'''Remove line breaks in a zim page file'''
	fh = open(file)
	text =

	headers, text = split_headers(text)
	text = remove_line_breaks(text)
	text = join_headers(headers, text)

	fh = open(file, 'w')

if __name__ == '__main__':
	file = sys.argv[1] # first commandline argument
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