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If you try to find any information within your notes, you usually look for a tag or do a full text search.

This plugin gives you an additional interface with a tag search (with auto completion) and a tag cloud with a full text search possibility.

Update V1.14 -- word at cursor position is taken and looked up directly

Update V1.11 - Added following Use Case:

  • You want to link pages within your current page which have a topic in common. As you have tagged these pages with the same tag, you can use the tag to identify these pages.

So instead of searching through your pages and manually adding the dedicated pages as links you can use this plugin and downselect all pages according to given tags and paste the result into the current page.

[see further Information on launchpad] (

[Search tagged pages for Zim >0.61 und <= 0.66] (

[Search tagged pages for Zim > 0.66]

Within Windows, the plugins folder is here (Zim Version > 0.62): %appdata% and then \Roaming\zim\data\zim\plugins

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