Task comment plugin

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This plugin provides a task comment field for a task attached to ctrl + shift + > (see tools menu)

Either configure your format in preferences or re-use the date format within the dates.list file maintained by the date function D.

Standard is [comment: %Y-%m-%d]

Value add is:

  • quickly add a task comment field with date


[ ] I really need to bring my plugins into a single branch [d:2015-06-30] @Murat !!!

            [comment: [2015-05-21]> Need to respond to Jaaps email]

[x] Finalize my task comment plugin [d:2015-05-21] @Murat !!!

            [comment: [2015-05-21]> Implemented the cursor to move inside the brackets for easier typing]

Click this link and save the page as a file (taskcomment.py) into the plugins folder of Zim Wiki

Task comment plugin

Within Windows, the plugins folder is here (Zim Version > 0.62): %appdata% and then \Roaming\zim\data\zim\plugins

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