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Tasklist plugin with tag autocompletion

muratg edited this page Jul 7, 2017 · 38 revisions

Information on zim 0.66

Please note that the task list plugin within zim 0.66 does not have the additional features implemented which are described here!

I'm working on updating the plugins to work with zim 0.66 or greater.

I added an extra tag entry field with auto completion into the tasklist plugin which makes it easier to select tags.

In addition you can now select several tags by using the STRG key. Keep STRG pressed and multi select with the mouse.

Additional implementations:

Tag auto completion

This function provides auto completion for tags. When you press the @ key within your notebook, a list of available tags are shown and can be selected.

Currently the activation is set to ALT + Q, as the Windows version does not work properly with ALT-Gr + Q.

Due date

This function gives you a keyboard shortcut (Control key + Period key) to add a due date to a task.

Example: () I need to install this plugin in ZimWiki [d:2015-02-26]

You can change the format within the dates.list file. The dates.list file can be accessed via the date function and the keyboard shortcut (Control key + D key).
Standard is [d: %Y-%m-%d]

Value add of the due date plugin:

  • quicker access to due date
  • add x days to due date (number of days to be added can be changed within the plugin configuration)
  • show due date in entry boxes for easier changing (+ press c for calendar)
  • show calendar for selecting due date
  • change existing due date in a line

Task comment

This plugin provides a task comment field for a task attached to ctrl + shift + > (see tools menu)

Either configure your format in preferences or re-use the date format within the dates.list file maintained by the date function D.

Standard is [comment: %Y-%m-%d]

Value add is:

  • quickly add a task comment field with date


[ ] I really need to bring my plugins into a single branch [d:2015-06-30] @Murat !!!

            [comment: [2015-05-21]> Need to respond to Jaaps email]

[x] Finalize my task comment plugin [d:2015-05-21] @Murat !!!

            [comment: [2015-05-21]> Implemented the cursor to move inside the brackets for easier typing]

The comments are now collected and displayed within the task list plugin.

Download and import info

Click this link and save the page as a file into the plugins folder of Zim Wiki

Task list plugin (for ZimWiki >= V0.61)

Within Windows, the plugins folder is here (Zim Version > 0.62): %appdata% and then \Roaming\zim\data\zim\plugins

Note: If you are already using the Tasklist plugin (and want to update to this version), after copying the new file to the plugins directory and restarting Zim, you have to disable and then re-enable the Tasklist plugin (in the preferences) to initiate an index rebuild. This is necessary because an additional table was added to the index. This will avoid the "key error" message. Source.

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  • V1.97 Tasklist: re-arranged elements within the dialog to fit for low resolution screens
  • V1.96 Tasklist: fixed index issue when tasklist was activated before updating the plugin by increasing SQL_FORMAT_VERSION to 0.61
  • V1.95 Taskcomment: code cleaning and fix for comment in strong / emphasis
  • V1.94 Tasklist: label comments are also collected
  • V1.93 Autocompletion: If text is selected after activation of AC, the selected text is replaced. If selected text was itself a tag and the @ sign wasn't selected with, it remains after inserting the new selected tag
  • V1.92 Ticking issue while column resizing solved, Pane positions are saved again
  • V1.91 Filtering works now with comments as well
  • V1.9 Added "tick / untick all tasks". Reworked tags list: Added tags from ticked tasks to tag list
  • V1.84 Fixed [no date] entry for children


Integrated following plugins into the tasklist plugin:

  • Tag auto completion
  • Task comment
  • Task Due date

V1.8 added history of ticked tasks with ticked date (together with pageview)

The task list dialog is now showing the history of ticked tasks. If the task was ticked with the task list dialog, the ticked date is shown as well.

With the updated module, the tick date is added to / removed from the task text. This ticked date is also shown within the tasklist dialog.

In addition, I changed the task comment format, now being formatted as superscript.


Within the dialog, there are now 2 additional columns available for Tags and Comments. The text within the comment column is auto wrapped. I removed the tags from the tasks and display them within the additional tag column. The comments to tasks (from the comments plugin) are now collected as well and displayed within the comments column.


[] Implement the possiblity to tick tasks within the plugin [d:2017-03-31] @GüvenMurat

  • comment: [2017-03-07]> Additional column needed
  • comment: [2017-03-07]> Ask Jaap about the index implementation
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