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Third-party html export templates


A template for exporting content from the Zim program as a website. It is designed to be responsive for viewing in all devices. Specifically, it is designed as "mobile-first," (dropping navigation to the bottom of the screen), and will only enable right-side navigation if the device is of significant width and in landscape mode. Available on github


Template to export your Zim notebook as a responsive/adaptive website that can be viewed in desktop and mobile devices alike. You can find more information or download the template on this github page. For an example, see http://ecodiv.org/ and http://notebook.ecodiv.org/


Template to export your Zim notebook as a website with mobile theme. Build with jquerymobile to create a website with a focus on mobile devices, but which will also look good on the desktop. The template offers some pointers to customize the design to fit the users need. For more information or to download the template, go to the github page.