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Ubuntu - Installing the latest ZIM Desktop Wiki from the PPA

Update your Sources

To get the latest version of zim, install the following PPA first. Open a terminal, at the $ prompt, type:

  • sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jaap.karssenberg/zim (this will take a few seconds, then press to accept the repository)
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install zim

Extras to add

These extras improve the functionality of ZIM (you may have some of these installed already). These packages are:

  • graphviz - Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. It has important applications in networking, bioinformatics, software engineering, database and web design, machine learning, and in visual interfaces for other technical domains.
  • ditaa - ditaa is a small command-line utility written in Java, that can convert diagrams drawn using ascii art ('drawings' that contain characters that resemble lines like | / - ), into proper bitmap graphics.
  • texlive - Used in the equation plugin. TeX Live is an easy way to get up and running with the TeX document production system. It provides a comprehensive TeX system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, and also Windows. It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including support for many languages around the world.
  • dvipng - Used in the equation plugin. This program makes PNG and/or GIF graphics from DVI files. It produces high-quality images while its internals are tuned for speed. It supports PK, VF, PostScript and TrueType fonts, color, PostScript inclusion, bitmap inclusion, and has CJK support.
  • gnuplot - Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven graphing utility for Linux, OS/2, MS Windows, OSX, VMS, and many other platforms. The source code is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it). It was originally created to allow scientists and students to visualize mathematical functions and data interactively, but has grown to support many non-interactive uses such as web scripting.
  • scrot - scrot (SCReen shOT) is a simple commandline screen capture utility that uses imlib2 to grab and save images.
  • libgtkspell0 - GtkSpell provides word-processor-style highlighting and replacement of misspelled words in a GtkTextView widget. Right-clicking a misspelled word pops up a menu of suggested replacements.

If you want all this extra functionality available with ZIM then install with:

  • sudo apt-get install graphviz ditaa texlive dvipng gnuplot scrot libgtkspell0
  • Open ZIM and go to Menu -> Edit -> Preferences. In the Plugins tab check all the relevant boxes that relate to the above packages
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