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Murat Güven edited this page Aug 11, 2015 · 4 revisions

When I have a meeting I like to draw on the whiteboard and take a photo from the board. And of course I add this picture into Zim for documentation :)

I stumbled into this:

whiteboard cleaner

My Zim implementation:

  • I installed ImageMagick to c:\Tools\ImageMagick
  • Added C:\Tools\ImageMagick\ to PATH
  • Created this batch file wbclean.bat
mkdir "%1\tmp_dir"

cd %1
FOR %%A IN ("*.jpg" "*.gif" "*.png") DO (
    copy %%A tmp_dir

FOR %%A IN ("*.jpg" "*.gif" "*.png") DO (
    rename "%%A" "orig_%%A"

cd "%1\tmp_dir"
FOR %%A IN ("*.jpg" "*.gif" "*.png") DO (
    convert "%%A" -morphology Convolve DoG:15,100,0 -negate -normalize -channel RBG -level 60%%,91%%,0.1 -resize 50%% "%%A"
copy *.* %1\*.*
cd %1
del /q /s /f "%1\tmp_dir"
rmdir "%1\tmp_dir"
  • Created a custom tool entry
  • Name: Convert Images 50%
  • Command: C:\Tools\ImageMagick\wbclean.bat %d
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