Workaround for Windows Copy

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With the current Zim, 0.68 windows, there is a nasty bug that comes from the underlying GTK libraries that makes copy/paste stop working (i.e. you press ctrl-c in zim but it doesn't actually copy selected text). Normally I just restart zim to work around it, but sometimes it gets into a state where even doing that offers little relief. After suffering with this for years, I made a custom script, zim-launch-misc.ahk to do the "copy" part.

The script relies on auto hotkey, and yes, I have to put an exception into my anti-virus software to install it, but I've been using it for many years.

After installing auto hotkey, and putting the script somewhere, make a custom tool in Zim and paste a version of this command:

"C:/Program Files/AutoHotkey/autohotkey.exe" C:/Users/userxxxx/Documents/autohotkey/zim-custom-tools/zim-launch-misc.ahk copy-work-around %T

  • The text "copy-work-around" gets passed to the launching tool to instruct it what operation to run.
  • For the 1st argument, having autohotkey.exe, note the quotes used, and also the forward slashes. I suspect backslashes won't work here.
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