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Plugin is available at:

This ZIM Wiki plugin provides integration between Zotero (Reference Manager) and Zim (Personal Wiki Software).

Clone this repo to your plugins folder and restart your Zim wiki:

git clone ~/.local/share/zim/plugins/zim-zotero-plugin/

Note that you will need to install zotxt ( plugin in your Zotero to make this plugin work.

How does it work?

Press <Control>-<Alt>-I or go to Insert -> Citations. A dialog will open up, where you can enter your query to search for items in your Zotero collection. After pressing GO, all the matching items will be added into your Zim Wiki.

Handling zotero:// Links

Items, that are added, are linked to Zotero using the zotero:// identifier. Currently, Zim doesn't handle this identifier. So, you will have to create a custom script. A small such script is available in the repo: Copy it somewhere in your PATH. And then, when in Zim, right click on the Zotero links and click Open With -> Customize, and add this custom script.

A separate script is no longer needed. The plugin handles opening the links itself :)

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