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PowerShell Conference Asia 2017

PowerShell is fast becoming an essential tool in DevOps toolchains as it continues on its mission to empower the administration of Any Cloud, on Any Platform, from Any Device.

The PowerShell Conference Asia resumes for its 3rd year this October, bringing speakers from Asia and around the world to deliver in-depth PowerShell and DevOps sessions. Speakers include the Microsoft PowerShell Product Team from headquarters in Redmond and a strong line-up of MVPs, well-known international speakers, and community contributors.

They'll cover in-depth topics on the PowerShell language and how you can use PowerShell to automate the technologies you use every day, both within the Microsoft technology stack and well beyond. There will be strong focus on using PowerShell to enable DevOps practices whether On Premises or in the cloud as well as Systems Administration and Security. Our theme for this year will emphasise on the Open Source aspects of PowerShell development as we look to build an even stronger community engagement and contribution.

PSConfAsia 2017

Blog Post

Session: Secure your environment by automation

Session Description

There is no doubt that security has been in the spotlight over the last few years, recent events have been responsible for the increased demand for better and more secure systems. Security was often treated as an afterthought or something that could be implemented ‘later’. In this session, we will go over some best practices, using existing tools and frameworks to help you set up a more secure environment and to get a grasp of what is happening in your environment. We will leverage your existing automation skills to secure and automate these workflows. Expect a session with a lot of demos and resources that can directly be implemented. What to do in order to access systems that would otherwise be inaccessible, we will go in depth on how to resolve this using PowerShell and additional methods.


Secure your environment by automation - GitHub

Secure your environment by automation - SlideShare


Photos of the event