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Jaapie’s Dotfiles

Important Stuff

  • Vim: .vimrc and .vim folder
My .vimrc file is a conglomeration of a lot of little tips and tricks that
I found from many others’ .vimrcs. Thank you for making my
‘vimitiation’ a little easier. I have a number of plugins that
I include as git submodules. This is something new I learnt about git
which I think is awesome. Hopefully it makes it easier to keep my plugins
  • Bash: .bash_profile/.bashrc
I recently updated these files so that .bash_profile sources .bashrc. I
did this so that I can clone this repo onto my linux machine and have it
just work. The file is also a comglomeration of bits and pieces I’ve
found on the ’net. I have a minimal prompt consisting of username,
current directory, and git branch (if applicable).

I recently stumbled upon
via Twitter, and thought it was awesome enough to include in my .bashrc.
So far, I’ve include the g function from
[pengwynn](, the o function from
[porada]( and a couple of my own:

* pud: a power alias for pushd
* up: takes an integer argument for the number of directory levels you
  want to go up, for example: if you are in `/Users/Jake/dev/dotfiles`,
  `up 3` will take you to `/Users`, just like typing `cd ../../../`
  • Install script
I include a simple install script that simply links any file/directory
prepended by an underscore into your $HOME directory. Before actually
linking it replaces the underscore with a dot, thereby making it a

Not So Important Stuff

  • .ackrc: basic file to colourise the output of ack


Please feel free to copy whatever you want—I did.

—Jacob Degeling (jaapie)


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