A mootools plugin that checks whether a password is safe (WARNING: this is old, unmaintained and a stupid way of checking password strength)
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This plugin checks the content of an input box for password strenght according to a few rules. It also includes the twitter password blacklist, which is a list of passwords you seriously don't want your users to use.

How to use

To use this plugin, you first have to include both the plugin source and the twitter blacklist.

<script type="text/javascript" src="src/Passchecker.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="src/BannedPasswords.js"></script>

Then you will have to add an input box to your form, for example:

<div id="form">
    Password: <input type="password" name="password" id="pcPassword" />
	<div id="pcResult"></div>

Then, to start checking the input you can add this:

document.addEvent('domready', function() {
	var Checker = new Passchecker({
	    checkElement: 'pcPassword', // the element of which we want to check the content
		resultElement: 'pcResult', // the element which will hold the check's result,

		setHtml: true, // whether to set the resultElement content with currentState

		trigger: 'keyup', // event that will trigger the checking, possible values: 'change', 'keyup'

You can also add a callback to the list of options that will be called when checking has finished, for example to tween the resultElement's background color:

onFinish: function (value) {
    // red, orange, yellow, blue, green
    var colors = ["#FFF", "#FF7171", "#FF9A71", "#FFE371","#64F48C", "#74FF71"];
    $(this.options.resultElement).tween('background-color', colors[this.level]);

You can find a working demo at: http://labs.broekhuizen.nu/demos/passchecker


Here's a description of the options you can use with this plugin:

  • checkElement: the id of the element (inputbox) we want to check
  • resultElement: the id of the element which will hold the check's result
  • setHtml: whether to fill the resultElement with the currentState
  • trigger: event that will trigger the checking, possible values: 'change', 'keyup'
  • minLength: minimal accepted length of the password
  • results: possible result strings, from weakest to strongest, must be an array of 6 strings
  • classes: classes that will be given to the result element, must be an array of 6 strings, corresponding with the 'results' array
  • bannedPasswords: an additional array of password strings that also will be banned