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Archives List Generator for

Author:      Laszlo Szathmary (
Last update: 2015-09-05 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Version:     0.3

Home page:

See for a sample output
of the script.

This free software is copyleft licensed under the same terms as Python, or,
at your option, under version 2 of the GPL license.


2015-09-05 v0.3:   rewritten in Python 3
2011-03-27 v0.2.1: <!--more--> is added after the 5th entry
2011-03-12 v0.2:   Some small improvements: categories are added too, they are
                   shown first; after each category and tag there is an external
                   link to tags, thus you can check easily what others
                   say about the same topic; category and tag links have tooltips.
2011-02-23 v0.1:   initial version