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Miscellaneous small utils, mainly for the bash shell.

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Bash Utils (miscellaneous small utils for the bash shell)

Here I collect some small command-line utils.

Author:  Laszlo Szathmary, 2011 (
   Transform a python source file to RTF.
   Usage: ./py2rtf [-f]       # the output is written to hello.rtf
   This script tells you where a webpage redirects.
   Usage: ./ <URL>

   Monitor the mouse position in real-time. 
   I made it to facilitate the usage of autopy (
   Usage: ./

   Original script written by Dirk Sohler (
   This script extracts cookies from Firefox's cookies.sqlite file hat are 
   specific to a given host. The exported cookies are saved in the file cookies.txt.
   Usage: ./ <host>

    This script allows you to browse all the older pages of a subreddit.
    Limitation: since lists only the last 1000 posts, the script will only list 40 pages.
    Usage: ./

    This script can extract links to posts in a subreddit.
    You can get links to comments (-c switch) or to direct URLs (-u switch).
    Basic usage:    ./ -c /r/earthporn
    Advanced usage: ./ -u /r/earthporn | open_in_tabs -s

    Here you find two scripts for replacing accents for LaTeX.
        This script allows you to write special Hungarian and French characters in a simple way
        (using the ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) charset), then convert them to their LaTeX-equivalents.
        Example: La'szlo'  =>  L\'{a}szl\'{o}
        This script converts a French accented text to LaTeX replacing the funny characters
        with their LaTeX equivalents.
        Example: é  =>  \'{e}
    Show the public Dropbox link(s) of one (or several) file(s).
    Usage: get_public_link <file> | -a

    Set directory/file permissions in your Dropbox folder in an intelligent way.
    Intended audience: Linux users who also use Windows sometimes.
    Usage: put the script in the root of your Dropbox folder and launch it.
    Extract image links from a web page.
    Usage: get_images URL [URL]... [-l]
    Extract all links from a web page.
    Usage: get_links <URL>
    Read URLs from the standard input and open them in separated tabs.
    Usage: cat url_list.txt | open_in_tabs
    Preview markdown files in a browser.
    Usage: <file.markdown> [-u]
    Take an image file and encode it with BASE64. Put the encoded data in
    an "img" HTML tag.
    Usage: img_to_base64 <image_file>
    A simple alarm script that plays a list of MP3s at a given time.
    Very useful if you leave your computer switched on during the night.
    Usage: alarm -p
               Play music first to adjust volume.
           alarm -t 7h5
               Set alarm time (5 past 7 in this example).
    "prettify an HTML page"
    The script prints the HTML source that is built 
    by BeautifulSoup (BS).
    Idea: if you want to manipulate a page with BS, analyze the prettified 
    source instead of the original because this is how BS stores it.
    Usage: prettify <URL>
    "show path"
    Print the absolute path of a file. If no parameter is passed, show the current path.
    Usage: sp <filename>
    "to clipboard(s)"
    Copy the text from the standard input to ALL clipboards. Thus, you can use 
    any paste method to insert your text (middle mouse button or Shift+Insert).
    Usage: cat file.txt | tocb
    "top 10 largest files"
    Website: ...
    Show the top 10 largest files in the current directory. Filesizes can be shown in
    a human-readable format with the -h option.
    Usage: top10 [-h]
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