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Elite Planet Name Generator
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Elite Planet Name Generator

I found the original pytxtelite (written by Ian Sparks) at You can find a copy of the original script in the "pytxtelite" folder.

pytxtelite is a conversion of Ian Bell's txtelite.c 1.2 (and parts of 1.4) to python (2.5, maybe earlier).

As I was interested in planet names only, I removed everything else. This script contains the minimum for generating planet names.

It also has a simple command-line interface for printing planet names (n) and for jumping to the next galaxy (j).

I made a simple wrapper script too called If you want to get the name of a random planet, use


Print the planet names in Galaxy 1:

import pyplanets

galaxy = pyplanets.Galaxy()
print galaxy.planets

Print the name of a random planet:

import random
print random.choice(galaxy.planets)

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