Extract parts of a series from Full Circle Magazine and combine them in a single PDF.
Python Shell
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Full Circle Magazine (FCM) started a Python tutorial series in issue #27. It would be nice to extract these tutorials from the issues and put them together in a single PDF. Thus, we would have all the tutorials together in one document.



Download the necessary FCM issues. Issue #28 has a different name, the script will rename it.


It'll only download the latest issue.

./02-extract.py python.csv

The file python.csv specifies which pages to extract from the issues. You can write your own series.csv file (ex.: gimp.csv) to extract a different series.

./03-combine-pieces.py python.csv

Combine the pieces together in a single PDF. Location of the result: python/result/all.pdf. If you combine the pieces with Adobe Acrobat Pro, the size of the resulting file will be very small. Pdftk produces a much larger file.


Fetch e-book edition issues in .epub format.