Miscellaneous Python projects that rely on the library "jabbapylib".
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Miscellaneous Python projects that use the library "jabbapylib"
(https://github.com/jabbalaci/jabbapylib). This project can be
considered as a demo for jabbapylib. However, the small projects
here are fully functional ones.

Author:  Laszlo Szathmary, 2011 (jabba.laci@gmail.com)
Website: https://pythonadventures.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/jabbapylib/
GitHub:  https://github.com/jabbalaci/JabbaPyLib-in-Action


Make sure that jabbapylib is set up properly. For more
information, please refer to the README of jabbapylib
at https://github.com/jabbalaci/jabbapylib.


   Prints a summary about the number of visits on your wordpress blog.

   Download galleries from fuskator.com's main page.
   By default, it waits some seconds between downloading two images. Be nice with the webserver ;)

   Website: http://wp.me/p154LQ-dx
   Analyze the statistics page of Project Euler (http://projecteuler.net/index.php?section=statistics)
   and make a new stat. page where the countries are sorted by strength.
   Usage: ./countries.py [-a | -r]    # absolute or relative strength; output is written to stat.html