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PrimCom: manage and access your personal knowledge base easily
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PrimCom is a personal knowledge base manager, primarily made for programmers. It is meant to be running in a terminal, thus you can access and consult it quickly while working.


There are lots of code snippets that I use often but I couldn't reproduce them easily by heart. When I need such a piece of code, either I look it up on my blog (if I had written about it), or Google it. When I see the code, I remember it and I can modify it to my needs. However, looking up something on the Internet can take time (at least 30-60 seconds).

With PrimCom you can collect your own code snippets with your own examples. You can assign tags to them and find them easily later. PrimCom can perform two main actions: print the content of a file, or open a web page.

PrimCom has several useful features. It has tab completion; it can copy the content of a file to the clipboard; it can syntax highlight your code snippets; it even has a built-in radio player to keep you entertained while coding, etc. See the built-in help for a detailed list.

Quick start

Open a terminal with dark background and launch PrimCom:

$ ./

If you prefer light background, use the light() command or modify directly the file.

Type h for help, d for the list of available tags.


With dark background: dark background

With light background: light background


The project was developed under Ubuntu GNU/Linux with Python 2.7. It is suggested that you install the following packages (via apt-get):

  • python-pygments (syntax highlighting)
  • xsel (copying to the clipboard)
  • mplayer2 and/or vlc (radio)
  • python-psutil (process manipulation; or: pip install psutil)
  • python-requests (or: pip install requests)
  • jinja2


To learn more about PrimCom, refer to this page: .

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