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Manipulate PDF files (e.g. remove given pages)
Python Shell
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A simple tool to manipulate your PDF files.


I prefer reading on paper, so I print a lot. Often, when I export for instance a blog post in PDF, there are some pages that I don't want to print.

This little tool helps me removing the unwanted pages easily.


You must provide the input PDF and then it goes to interactive mode. The output is written to output.pdf.

$ ./ input.pdf
type 'h' for help
Number of pages: 8
> h
h, help        - this help
q, quit        - quit
i, info        - info about the status of the output.pdf
w              - write output.pdf (fails if the file exists)
w!             - overwrite output.pdf
d, ls          - directory list
oi             - open input.pdf with okular
oo             - open output.pdf with okular
del PAGES      - delete the given pages
                 the format of PAGES is like printing pages
                 example: del 1,2-4,8-
reload, reset  - reload input.pdf
                 useful if you deleted some wrong pages and you want to restart
> del 1,6-
Number of pages: 4
# nothing was saved yet
> w!
-rw-r--r--   1 jabba users 110024 Jan  6 15:15 output.pdf

Here, the input PDF had 8 pages. After removing pages 1, 6, 7 and 8, we got a PDF with 4 remaining pages.


The real PDF manipulation is done with the pikepdf library.

Supported platform

Linux only.

Reddit discussion

See here.

Related work

  • pikepdf Python library (this is what I used)
  • pdftk, a powerful PDF-manipulating command-line tool
  • PDFsam (wikipedia article), a more heavyweight solution for manipulating your PDFs
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