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(The JabberCat Logo) JabberCat

The Jabber® client of the future! 🎉

If you are intrigued by the User Experience provided by modern, non-XMPP and/or non-free chat applications, this is for you. We aim to provide Conversations-like chat experience based on XMPP on the Desktop!

A screenshot

(The screenshot features content licensed under CC-BY-2.0: Romeo & Juliet.)

How to test

We have a Testing Guide which gives detailed instructions on how to install, how to do useful tests, which issues to (not) report and how to report them.

Get in touch

To get in touch with us, the best way is to join the MUC at Of course, issue reports are also somewhat a way to get in touch, but much more formal 😺. Tip: if you’re already connected with JabberCat, you can easily join the MUC from the Help menu.

Note: JABBER® is a registered trademark and its use is granted under a sublicense from the XMPP Standards Foundation.


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