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This file contains news, important changes
and upgrade instructions between different versions of jabberd2.
* 2.2.17 to 2.3.0 upgrade:
What changed:
- Renamed non-standard UPGRADE file overwriting outdated NEWS file
- Semantic Versioning:
- TLS Everywhere:
- Required GSASL >=1.1
- jabberd should compile without warnings
- out-of-source builds should work
- pgsql: authreg password_type support
- pgsql: schema support
- ldapvcard: groupattr works even if no groupattr_regex defined
- ldapfull: checks for ldap group membership on login
- vCard: Assume tel phone is voice phone
- MySQL: default password hashing algorithm changed to SHA512
- out-conn-reuse s2s.xml option naming unified
- XML parse error will log buffer details
- CRAM-MD5 auth support
- router private key cachain and password support
- hashed passwords support in SQLite3 storage
* 2.2.16 to 2.2.17 upgrade:
What changed:
- cppunit was replaced by check framework
- Fixed build with debug disabled
* 2.2.15 to 2.2.16 upgrade:
What changed:
- Debug logging into file implemented
See etc/*.xml.dist for instructions
- Unit tests are not mandatory
See --enable-tests/--disable-tests option for ./configure
- Fix for invalid default router.xml (Unterminated XML comment tag)
* 2.2.14 to 2.2.15 upgrade:
What changed:
- Merged config variables expansion
- Group extraction by RegExp from LDAP
- A1HASH passwords support for MySQL
- PBX integration pipe implementation
- Enable/disable debug output with signals USR1/USR2
- '-i ID' command line option
- DB query rate limitting
- Domain whitelisting support
- Support enforcing TLS secured S2S connections only
- Simple message logging to a directory
- MIO kqueue implementation
- Support for see-other-host stream redirects
- Unit tests
You will need cppunit(-devel) installed to get the tests built.
See example configuration files on how to enable new features.
* 2.2.13 to 2.2.14 upgrade:
What changed:
- There are example upstart configuration files in etc/ you may use.
* 2.2.12 to 2.2.13 upgrade:
What changed:
- New authentication option 'bind' for authreg_ldapfull
See etc/c2s.xml.dist for instructions
- Stream Compression for S2S connections
See etc/c2s.xml.dist for instructions
* 2.2.11 to 2.2.12 upgrade:
What changed:
- published-roster
Uses displayName to populate published-roster name and fallbacks to cn.
* 2.2.10 to 2.2.11 upgrade:
What changed:
- only bugfixes
* 2.2.9 to 2.2.10 upgrade:
What changed:
- removed mod_disco_publish (it was removed from XEP-0030)
Remove <module>disco-publish</module> lines from your sm.xml.
* 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 upgrade:
What changed:
- Implemented component clustering
- Many virtual hosts in one SM process
- FreeBSD kqueue support
- Implemented PBX integration interface
- crypt() password support for LDAP backend
There is new <local/> section in sm.xml. You may use it to configure domains
serviced by the SM process. Old style domain name in <id/> section still works
for backward compatibility, but the <local/> section overrides it.
You need to give different <id/> names to SM instances participating in
clustering. Router needs a way to differenciate these.
There is new <pbx/> section in c2s.xml configuration file. Please see it if you
want to use the PBX integration.
* 2.2.7 to 2.2.8 upgrade:
What changed:
- User can message/query own resources
- Settable size for vCard image field
- Proper server disco#info answer
- Support for /etc/hosts lookup (as a last resort)
- Workaround for Java SSL bug (Google servers connection problems)
You may configure the vCard field size limit in sm.xml.
Look at sm.xml.dist for example.
* 2.2.6 to upgrade:
What changed:
- Fixed issue with not supported but advertised SASL integrity protection
- Workaround for buggy Java TLS implementation affecting OpenFire and GTalk
There is nothing for you to do.
* 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 upgrade:
What changed:
- added ip.origin option to s2s.xml
- Implemented GSASL qop-int integrity checks
- Implemented router-filter packet logging
See etc/s2s.xml and etc/router-filter.xml for new options.
* 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 upgrade:
This is a bugfix release. There are almost none visible changes.
NAD caching was removed. This should reduce memory usage and
memory growth (at a cost of little more CPU usage).
A key was added to the 'status' table in MySQL. This improves performance
for queries to that table. The is recommended for everyone, but will have
the biggest impact for installations with a large number of signons and
signoffs. It only affects installations with mod_status enabled.
You can add the key by running this statement:
ALTER TABLE status ADD KEY (`collection-owner`(255));
* 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 upgrade:
What changed:
- [WIN32] libidn & gsasl downloads are now at GNU servers
- Detecting unrecoverable stream errors on establishing an outgoing s2s connection
- Do not offer compression if STARTTLS is required and not enabled
- Return better error on STARTTLS required failure
- [WIN32] Don't override server.pem on upgrade
- [WIN32] Add TLS server certificate for default win32 c2s config
- [WIN32] Don't fail when service fails to start (Should popup ignore box)
- Implemented logging of compressed conection established
- Implemented My IP Address extension
Fortunately you do not need to configure anything to observe these changes,
but you should be aware of them to not get surprised.
* 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 upgrade:
What changed:
- GnuSASL 0.2.27 is required
- GSSAPI support
Upgrade gsasl to 0.2.27.
You may use GSSAPI if you have it configured. Add <gssapi/> to c2s.xml mechanizms.
* 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 upgrade:
What changed:
- SCOD is gone (again)
- implemented rate limiting throtling
- option to limit stanzas per second
See io.limits.stanzas section in etc/c2s.xml.dist and copy to yours c2s.xml.
Now, when you rate limit your clients, they are throttled instead of disconnected.
* 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 upgrade:
What changed:
- new ./configure option --without-subst
- fixed router-filter
- fixed rate limiting
- removed "leaking" caches etc.
You may disable the "license unsure" subst/ function replacements library
with --without-subst. This allows Debian to include jabberd.
Please see example router-filter.xml for additional notes how it works.
(Please note that filter does not match resources as suggested before.)
You may now expect rate limiting to actually work.
Jabberd should now grow memory usage like before, but may eat a bit more CPU power.
* 2.1.24 to 2.2.0 upgrade:
What changed:
- UDNS library required
- GnuSASL 0.2.26 or higher version required
- resolver component removed
- fixed SSL handling
Install UDNS and upgrade GSASL to
at least 0.2.26 version.
Resolver is now built in S2S component, so you need to add <lookup/> section
to your s2s.xml config. Then remove resolver component from your configuration.
Please check your verify-mode setting in c2s.xml, and make sure it is what you
wanted. See SSL_CTX_set_verify(3) manual page.
* 2.1.23 to 2.1.24 upgrade:
What changed:
- server component presences
Look at etc/sm.xml.dist to see how 'pkt-sm' chain should look now.
* 2.1.22 to 2.1.23 upgrade:
What changed:
- XEP-0232: Software Information implemented
- BerkeleyDB dump and 2-MySQL migrations scripts in tools
- Updated sources to build on win32 again
See sm.xml.dist config for disco-extend chain snippet for software information
to add to your sm.xml.
See tools/db-update.sqlite for win32 database upgrade script for win32.
* 2.1.21 to 2.1.22 upgrade:
What changed:
- MySQL 5.0+ dependency
- moved --enable-sasl configure option to --with-sasl
* 2.1.20 to 2.1.21 upgrade:
What changed:
- LDAP backend <query/> option
See c2s.xml.dist for example, how to use news <query/> option, that
allows you to customize the query sent to LDAP server.
* 2.1.19 to 2.1.20 upgrade:
What changed:
- added missing XEP-0054 fields
- server vcard support
- new authreg ldapfull, storage ldapvcard and sm roster-publish modules
- implemented maximum stanza size limit
- disabled CyrusSASL backend compilation
You need to add missing columns to "vcard" table:
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD "jabberid" text, ADD "mailer" text, ADD "uid" text;
See c2s.xml and sm.xml for options of new modules and stanzasize.
* 2.1.18 to 2.1.19 upgrade:
What changed:
- mod_status stores full last presence stanza
- so called "offline status" support
(sending last unavailable presence stanza for unavailable users)
You need to add "xml" column to "status" table:
* 2.1.17 to 2.1.18 upgrade:
What changed:
- implemented /webstatus service
If you want to allow users of other servers to store their presence information
in your "status" database table, add status.resource section and status module
in 'pkt-sm' chain in sm.xml. See sm.xml.dist for reference.
* 2.1.16 to 2.1.17 upgrade:
What changed:
- s2s maximum fds option implemented
If you want to configure maximum file descriptors for s2s, look in s2s.xml.dist
for io/max_fds option, that mirrors the same option from c2s.xml.
* 2.1.15 to 2.1.16 upgrade:
What changed:
- Offline storage does not store headline messages by default
- XEP-0157: Contact Addresses for XMPP Services
- --enable-superseded ./configure option
- Messages are delivered to all resources with highest priority number
in accordance to RFC3921bis changes
- XEP-0138: Stream Compression
- XEP-0198: Stanza Acknowledgements
- Dynamic virtual hosts support
- Packet througput counters implemented
- XEP-0202: Entity Time, XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery
If you want to store headline messages in offlinestorage, enable
<storeheadlines/> in sm.xml. See etc/sm.xml.dist for reference.
If you want to set XEP-0157: Contact Addresses please see
etc/sm.xml.dist discovery.serverinfo section for example configuration
to include in sm.xml. You need to add new chain 'disco-extend' section
and discovery/sserverinfo section to configuration.
If you wish, you may use --disable-superseded option during ./configure
to disable all features, that was superseded by newer ones.
If you want to enable stream compression, please uncomment proper section
in c2s.xml.
If you want to enable XEP-0198, please give --enable-experimental parameter
to ./configure script.
If you configure an <id/> in c2s.xml with no hostname, it will be used as
a fallback default configuration for running SM with no configured <id/>.
See <stats/> sections in c2s.xml and s2s.xml for reference how to configure
packet counters.
* 2.1.14 to 2.1.15 upgrade:
Only bug and compilation fixes. No configuration changes needed.
* 2.1.13 to 2.1.14 upgrade:
What changed:
- Oracle authreg backend
You may use Oracle backend to store your user data too. See c2s.xml.dist.
* 2.1.12 to 2.1.13 upgrade:
Only bug and compilation fixes. No configuration changes needed.
* 2.1.11 to 2.1.12 upgrade:
What changed:
- PQconnectdb PostgreSQL connection method
- using pg_config to find PostgreSQL
For the PQconnectdb see <conninfo/> in etc/c2s.xml.dist and etc/sm.xml.dist.
You may add --enable-pgsql=/path/to/pg_config to ./configure to get PostgreSQL
paths using pg_config.
* 2.1.10 to 2.1.11 upgrade:
Only bug and compliance fixes. No configuration changes needed.
* 2.1.9 to 2.1.10 upgrade:
What changed:
- configure SASL backend fallback removed
- user roster items limit support
If you want to use other than GnuSASL backend for SASL, you need to enforce it
by --with-sasl=BACKEND option to ./configure. There is no fallback anymore,
because other backends are not supported and mostly do not work.
If you want to limit user roster items, please see etc/sm.xml.dist for reference.
* 2.1.8 to 2.1.9 upgrade:
What changed:
- logging formats
- oob redirection during registration
If you use log analysers please note that c2s and s2s connect messages have
now a "TLS negotiated" indicator at the end. For s2s it was "SSL negotiated".
c2s disconnection message now has user JID included.
If you want to use oob redirection during registration, please see
etc/c2s.xml.dist for reference.
* 2.1.7 to 2.1.8 upgrade:
What changed:
- SASL backend selection method
During ./configure use --with-sasl=BACKEND instead of --enable-gsasl
and --enable-cyrus.
* 2.1.6 to 2.1.7 upgrade:
What changed:
- MySQL connection defaults to UTF-8 now
- Removed support for ZeroK authentication
Please make sure that the encoding of the data in your MySQL DB is UTF-8
or is convertable by MySQL to UTF-8.
You may remove the 'token', 'sequence' and 'hash' columns in authreg table.
* 2.1.5 to 2.1.6 upgrade:
What changed:
- implemented XEP-0199: XMPP ping
- sysconfdir isn't changed to .../etc/jabberd anymore
- SASL backend is now GnuSASL by default with Cyrus as an alternative
- was renamed to
- strndup() and timegm() implementations in subst/
- PATH_MAX definition added when necessary
Add <module>iq-ping</module> to in-sess and pkt-sm chains in sm.xml.
You need to explicitly set --sysconfdir with jabberd subdir if you want to.
You need to --disable-gsasl and --enable-cyrus if you need to use Cyrus SASL.
Remove all source dependant patches for missing functions if you have ones.
* 2.1.4 to 2.1.5 upgrade:
What changed:
- auth/reg/storage modules are now loaded dynamically at runtime
- MySQL storage backend is not enabled by default
Dynamic modules should run out of box once installed (make install).
If you need to configure other than the compiled-in path for it, please refer
to the c2s.xml.dist and sm.xml.dist for a proper <path/> option.
You will need to explicitly --enable-mysql during ./configure if you want to
use MySQL backends.
* 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 upgrade:
What changed:
- full SQLite support
- PostgreSQL NULL parameters handling
- more than one LDAP server support
- new LDAP append-realm setting
- correct CA chain handling
Please refer to sm.xml.dist and c2s.xml.dist for new config sections and add
them to your config files.
Please read these example files to see how to setup your CA chain correctly.
You may also remove cachain option from c2s.xml.
You may remove hostname form PostgreSQL setup to access it via unix socket.
* 2.1 to 2.1.3 upgrade:
What changed:
- c2s.xml added <ssl-mechanisms/> section
- c2s PAM authenticator now handles realm setting
- libjabberd moved from /usr/lib to /usr/lib/jabberd
- removed bootstrap script - use: autoreconf --install if you build from sources
If you want to use new SSL aware auth mechanizms please merge <ssl-mechanisms/>
section of c2s.xml.dist into your c2s.xml config file.
Remove any realm setting for PAM authenticated domains or setup your PAM system
to handle additional realms.
If you use modules.path in sm.xml, add .../jabberd/ at the end.
* 2.0 to 2.1 upgrade:
What changed:
- c2s.xml local/id syntax:
- DB schema
- amp and status modules
- CyrusSASL usage
Basically all <local/> subitems and registration options from section
<register/> are configurable per-realm now. So you need to move pemfile,
verify-mode, require-starttls to <id/> attributes.
You may also use subitems of <local/> as before, and these will be used
for legacy port 5223 SSL wrapper.
Options require-starttls, register-enable and password-change ale boolean.
These are enabled if set to anything. 'true' seems reasonable for clarity.
WARNING: Setting 'false' doesn't disable it!!!
When you disabled new registrations for a realm not setting register-enable,
you may wish to set password-change to enable users to change password.
For new options like httpforward, see example c2s.xml for reference.
DB changes:
You need to add the following fields to the "vcard" table:
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "tz" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "n-middle" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "n-prefix" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "n-suffix" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "n-prefx" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "n-suffix" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-street" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-extadd" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-pobox" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-locality" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-region" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-pcode" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "adr-country" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "geo-lat" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "geo-lon" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "org-orgname" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "agent-extval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "sort-string" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "desc" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "note" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "photo-type" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "photo-binval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "photo-extval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "logo-type" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "logo-binval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "logo-extval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "sound-phonetic" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "sound-binval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "sound-extval" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "key-type" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "key-cred" text;
ALTER TABLE vcard ADD COLUMN "rev" text;
and create table "status":
CREATE TABLE "status" (
"collection-owner" text PRIMARY KEY,
"object-sequence" bigint,
"status" text NOT NULL,
"show" text,
"last-login" int DEFAULT '0',
"last-logout" int DEFAULT '0' );
NOTE: PostgreSQL schema was greatly improved as a whole.
It might be a good idea to dump your data (as INSERTS), recreate DB from
new schema and import data back again.
New modules: amp and status
In order for amp and status session manager modules to work, you need to
add them to appropriate chains in sm.xml and set their configuration options.
Chains needed to be updated: sess-start, sess-end, in-sess, pkt-sm, pkt-user
and user-delete. For details see sm.xml.dist.
You need working CyrusSASL installation. Please take care to include all
required auth modules. Especially cyrus-sasl-md5 and cyrus-sasl-plain.
Please report all errors of this howto to:
Tomasz Sterna <>
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