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Protocol support
jabberd 2.x is a server implementation of the eXtensible Messaging and
Presence Protocol (XMPP), as published by the IETF. It also implements
several XMPP extensions documented by the XMPP Software Foundation (XSF),
and some legacy extensions that were implemented by its predecessor,
jabberd 1.4.
This document lists the protocols supported by the server, and any notes
relating to the implementation.
This is current as of 2008-01-24 (jabberd 2.1.22).
RFC 3920 XMPP Core supported
RFC 3921 XMPP IM supported
RFC 3920bis XMPP Core supported
RFC 3921bis XMPP IM supported
XEP-0004 Data Forms -
XEP-0011 Jabber Browsing supported
XEP-0012 Last Activity supported
XEP-0013 Flexible Offline Message Retrieval -
XEP-0016 Privacy Lists supported
XEP-0018 Invisible Presence removed
XEP-0022 Message Events supported
XEP-0023 Message Expiration supported
XEP-0030 Service Discovery supported
XEP-0033 Extended Stanza Addressing -
XEP-0045 Multi-User Chat (by add-on)
XEP-0048 Bookmark Storage supported
XEP-0049 Private XML Storage supported
XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands -
XEP-0054 vcard-temp supported
XEP-0055 Jabber Search (by add-on)
XEP-0059 Result Set Management -
XEP-0060 Publish-Subscribe (by add-on)
XEP-0065 SOCKS5 Bytestreams (by add-on)
XEP-0073 Basic IM Protocol Suite supported
XEP-0077 In-Band Registration supported
XEP-0078 Non-SASL Authentication supported
XEP-0079 Advanced Message Processing partial
XEP-0083 Nested Roster Groups supported
XEP-0086 Error Condition Mappings supported
XEP-0090 Entity Time supported
XEP-0091 Delayed Delivery supported
XEP-0092 Software Version supported
XEP-0093 Agent Information supported
XEP-0114 Jabber Component Protocol supported
XEP-0117 Intermediate IM Protocol Suite (by add-on)
XEP-0124 HTTP Binding (by add-on)
XEP-0128 Service Discovery Extensions supported
XEP-0133 Service Administration -
XEP-0136 Message Archiving -
XEP-0138 Stream Compression supported
XEP-0142 Workgroups -
XEP-0145 Annotations supported
XEP-0150 Use of Entity Tags in XMPP Extensions -
XEP-0153 vCard-Based Avatars supported
XEP-0154 User Profile -
XEP-0157 Contact Addresses for XMPP Services supported
XEP-0159 SPIM-Blocking Control -
XEP-0160 Best Practices for Handling Offline
Messages supported
XEP-0163 Personal Eventing via Pubsub -
XEP-0168 Resource Application Priority -
XEP-0170 Recommended Order of Stream Feature
Negotiation supported
XEP-0172 User Nickname
XEP-0175 Best Practices of Use of SASL ANONYMOUS supported
XEP-0178 Best Practices of Use of SASL EXTERNAL partial
XEP-0185 Dialback Key Generation and Validation supported
XEP-0186 Invisible Command -
XEP-0190 Best Practice for Closing Idle Streams supported
XEP-0191 Simple Communications Blocking supported
XEP-0192 Proposed Stream Feature Improvements supported
XEP-0193 Proposed Resource Binding Improvements supported
XEP-0198 Stanza Acknowledgements supported
XEP-0199 XMPP Ping supported
XEP-0202 Entity Time supported
XEP-0203 Delayed Delivery supported
XEP-0205 Best Practices to Discourage
Denial of Service Attacks partial
XEP-0206 XMPP Over BOSH (by add-on)
XEP-0209 Metacontacts supported
XEP-0212 XMPP Basic Server 2008 supported
XEP-0215 External Service Discovery -
XEP-0216 XMPP Intermediate IM Server 2008 partial
XEP-0219 Hop Check -
XEP-0220 Server Dialback supported
XEP-0225 Component Connections supported
Additional features supported by jabberd 2.1.22 (without plugins):
- Server admin address
- Echo address
- Server MOTD
- Offline message storage
- Message archiving
- Authorization with: BerkeleyDB, LDAP, MySQL, NTLogon, Oracle, PAM, PostgreSQL, Pipe, SQLite, SSPI
- Storage in: BerkeleyDB, files, LDAP(vCard), MySQL, Oracle, PostreSQL, SQLite
- jabberd2 Component Protocol
Implementation Notes
XMPP Core (RFC 3920 and RFC 3920bis)
Implemented, except for:
- SASL (External) for s2s streams
- Language support via xml:lang
XMPP IM (RFC 3921 and RFC 3921bis)
XMPP Extension Protocols
Jabber Browsing (XEP-0011)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_disco) as a wrapper around the
service list used for Service Discovery. The configuration required to
enable browsing is undocumented as browse is considered to be
Last Activity (XEP-0012)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_iq_last).
Message Events (XEP-0022)
Offline event implemented by the session manager (mod_offline).
Message Expiration (XEP-0023)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_offline).
Service Discovery (XEP-0030)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_disco). Administrative users
will see extra nodes when doing a #items query - these nodes provide
information about active users and sessions. New components becoming
available are probed automatically, and if they are disco-aware, their
information is added to the service list. Sub-entity item publishing is
implemented seperately by mod_disco_publish.
Private XML Storage (XEP-0049)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_iq_private).
vcard-temp (XEP-0054)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_iq_vcard).
In-band Registration (XEP-0077)
Implemented by c2s.
Non-SASL Authentication (XEP-0078)
Implemented by c2s.
Entity Time (XEP-0090)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_iq_time).
Delayed Delivery (XEP-0091)
Implemented by the session manager.
Software Version (XEP-0092)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_iq_version).
Agent Information (XEP-0094)
Implemented by the session manager (mod_disco) as a wrapper around the
service list used for Service Discovery.
External Component Protocol (XEP-0114)
Implemented by the router as a wrapper around the more featureful
jabberd 2.x component protocol.
Legacy extensions (jabberd 1.4)
Invisible presence (XEP-0018)
This extension was implemented by the session manager.
It was intentionally removed. This is very legacy, causes problems, we
have better ways of doing so called invisibility, etc.