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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
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  • openssl-1.1 support
  • Python script to export data in XEP-0227 format
  • Fix build errors with MariaDB 10.2
  • systemd units restart on failure
  • Use systemd BindsTo= instead of BindTo.
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This release fixes a bug allowing anyone to authenticate using SASL ANONYMOUS, even when sasl.anonymous c2s.xml option is not enabled.

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  • Do not attempt to reload SM modules on SIGHUP
  • Cleanup config files example
  • Fixed memory leak in pgsql storage driver
  • Fixed two double-frees caused by dangling pointers
  • Fixed c2s logger initialization point
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  • Check for C99 support in compiler
  • Count RIO bytes and check against max stanza size
  • Gracefully drop unhandled HTTP connections
  • wss:// (WebSocket over SSL) support in c2s
  • Allow BareJID S10N packets
  • Fallback to connecting S2S using local.ip when none of the origin.ip works
  • Removed explicit SQLite transactions
  • SQLite postconnect SQL support
  • SQLite DB setup script improvements
  • Many Coverity Scan and cppcheck detected issues fixed
  • Properly lowercase SASL mechanisms in c2s
  • Support out-of-source build
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  • Support WebSocket fragmented packets
  • Fixed delivering directed presence (to self)
  • Reset in-sess 'from' to FullJID on non-Presence packets
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  • Module to verify users using e-mail
  • Reordered MIO backends priority
  • Skip non-existing blowfish i386 assembler code
  • Use CSPRNG for dialback keys
  • Allow presence probing own connections
  • Use OpenSSL functions for base64 en/decoding when available
  • Option to dump packet-filter matched packets to file
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  • Rewrite TLS ephemeral key + cipher handling
  • Recover Berkeley DB before opening it
  • bcrypt support for PostgreSQL
  • Option to set authreg module per realm
  • AuthReg ANONYMOUS does not offer password check
  • Answer to disco#info queries to user JID
  • WebSocket C2S SX plugin
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  • Support for RSA/DH/ECDH key agreement
  • bcrypt support for MySQL storage
  • C2S per session user data & authreg auth API extensions
    for custom authreg backends
  • Option to provide a custom openssl library path
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  • Removed unmaintained CyrusSASL backend
  • Option to add realm to username in ldapvcard module
  • systemd unit files