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Welcome to the jabberd2 wiki!


  • [Multi User Conferencing (MU-Conference)] (wiki/InstallGuide-MU-Conferencing)
  • [BOSH connection manager (for WEB clients)] (wiki/InstallGuide-punjab)
  • [Sending files via proxy (proxy65) ] (wiki/InstallGuide-proxy65)
  • [Web presence] (wiki/WebPresence)


  • [Generating a Self-Signed SSL Certificate] (wiki/InstallGuide-OpenSSLConfiguration)
  • [Jabberd for CorporateUs] (wiki/InstallGuide-CorporateConfiguration)
  • [Using Jabber for Linux System Monitoring] (wiki/InstallGuide-SystemMonitoring)
  • [Using Jabber for PBX integration] (wiki/UsageGuide-PBXIntegration)
  • [WebSockets support (NEW)] (wiki/UsageGuide-WebSockets)


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