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Apache HTTP Server formulae repo for Homebrew
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Note: This repository is not maintained anymore. The Homebrew project now has formulas for Apache 2.4 and FastCGI in the homebrew/apache keg. I suggest you use those since they're more up-to-date and have a more complete set of options.

Apache HTTP Server formulae repo for Homebrew


I wanted to upgrade Lion's version of Apache to 2.4 to check out some of the new features, but there wasn't a good formula out there yet. So I created my own, put it up here for the world to tap into, and that's all I have to say about that.


Run the following in your commandline:

brew tap jabberwik/homebrew-httpd

Then install Apache HTTP Server 2.4:

brew install httpd24

That's it!

This is my first formula contribution to the world, so let me know if I did something completely backwards. Contributions are welcomed!

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