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Drag and Drop this Install image in your running Eclipse workspace

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install EcliPaint

or use the update site: Eclipse -> Help -> Install new software

Update site URL:

Bring me a coffee ☕ 😉

EcliPaint in the Eclipse Marketplace

Current features

Image Editor

  • Create New png images

  • Pick a color from the palette or from the current image and draw your modifications
  • Undo/Redo, Select/Select all, Copy/Paste/Cut, Delete
  • Transparency editor for gif and png files. Remove those white backgrounds from your plugins.
  • Zoom and original size functionalities
  • Image Property page

Icon Manager

  • Windows -> Show view -> EcliPaint -> Icon Manager
  • Select, view and save multiple base and overlay icons combinations at the same time.
  • Small gallery included.
  • Flip/Rotate, Scale and Color category including Disable and Gray effect.
  • Drop images from the workspace, filesystem or from the editor itself.
  • Drag images to save in the workspace or filesystem.
  • Crawl icons from your Eclipse installations and reuse them.

  • Crawl icons from Eclipse ISharedImages. (use this constant names directly in extensions icon fields at plugin.xml, copy&paste the code in your classes, Save them as images if you want to modify them).

  • Crawl potentially whitebackground icons.
  • Show the icons directly in the workspace (all of them or only those in the icons folder).

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