Quick MQTT project so we can warm the office before we get there.
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This was just a quick project so we could remotely turn on a heater in the office before we got in. We have some w1 temperature sensors to see if it's working and how cold it is. The heater is connected to a plug controled by a Energenie.

We use it with a fork of Energenie code:


This means during boot we call the included script "sockinit.sh".

MQTT messages

office/pi_heater/state # Is the heater on?

office/pi_heater/request_state # Turn heater on/off

Temperature sensors will each make a MQTT message.

office/pi_heater/temp_sense0 # First temperature sensor

office/pi_heater/temp_sense1 # Second temperature sensor

office/pi_heater/temp_sense2 # Third temperature sensor

Running Test

It is called with the arguments:

<ssl host> <port> <username> <password>

The SSL host with the broker, which obviously must be SSL.

The port will normally 8883 as it's a SSL broker.

The username and password explain themselves.