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Langton's ant

This is an enhanced version of the Langton's ant cellular automata. It supports multiple ants, each with random programs.

The original Langton's ant

This is a cellular automata where you have an 'ant' that moves around on a grid. The grid squares are either black or white. If the ant hits a black square it changes the color to white and turns to the right; if the ant hits a white square it changes it to black and turns to the left.

The 'enhanced' version in this program

This program supports a configurable number of ants and possible colors. Each ant has a randomized program. The program tells for each color, which color to change the grid square to, and to turn in which direction (left, right, forward, back).


You can run the program from the directory where you unpacked it, or you can run the python distutils installer via python setup.py install --prefix=$HOME to install it to your home directory.

The program depends on the NumPy and PyQt4 libraries.

Running the program

Just run ./langton.py.