Simple client-server system for gathering information from Linux systems
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syshwinfo release 2.1.1

This package contains a tool to find out information about a Linux system (OS version, CPU, HD, etc.). The tool can be used directly or as a library. Also supplied are a server and associated client agent that can be used to centrally gather information about a number of clients.

Files included are:
The command-line tool and library to gather information about the system. Optionally can be run in agent mode where it sends the system information to a server rather than printing it to the screen. Run it with the --help option to see usage instructions.
XML-RPC server that listens for connections from agents and stores system information in a database.
CGI script for running under a webserver.
CGI script that queries the database and returns it in CSV format.


Run python install, or just copy the files wherever necessary. In order to use the server+agent system you can edit to set the DBFILE variable to point to where you want to store the database (a single file in sqlite 3.x format). The default is in the current directory where the server is run. Then run the script in agent mode, optionally giving it the URL of the server, e.g. -a -s The default URL is http://localhost:8000, which is also the URL when is started directly from the command line without a web server.