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2009.12.19, Version 0.1.22
  * Bugfix: child modules get wrong id with "index.js" (isaacs)

  * Bugfix: require("../foo") cycles (isaacs)

  * Bugfix: require() should throw error if module does.

  * New URI parser stolen from Narwhal (isaacs)

  * Bugfix: correctly check kqueue and epoll. (Rasmus Andersson)

  * Upgrade WAF to 1.5.10

  * Bugfix: posix.statSync() was crashing

  * Statically define string symbols for performance improvement

  * Bugfix: ARGV[0] weirdness

  * Added superCtor to ctor.super_ instead superCtor.prototype.
    (Johan Dahlberg)

  * http-parser supports webdav methods

  * API: http.Client.prototype.request() (Christopher Lenz)


2009.12.06, Version 0.1.21
  * Feature: Add HTTP client TLS support (Rhys Jones)

  * Bugfix: use --jobs=1 with WAF

  * Bugfix: Don't use chunked encoding for 1.0 requests

  * Bugfix: Duplicated header weren't handled correctly

  * Improve sys.inspect (Xavier Shay)

  * Upgrade v8 to 2.0.3

  * Use CommonJS assert API (Felix Geisendörfer, Karl Guertin)


2009.11.28, Version 0.1.20
  * Add gnutls version to configure script

  * Add V8 heap info to process.memoryUsage()

  * process.watchFile callback has 2 arguments with the stat object


2009.11.28, Version 0.1.19
  * Feature: Initial TLS support for TCP servers and clients.
    (Rhys Jones)

  * Add options to process.watchFile()

  * Add process.umask() (Friedemann Altrock)

  * Bugfix: only detach timers when active.

  * Bugfix: lib/file.js write(), shouldn't always emit errors or success

  * Bugfix: Memory leak in fs.write
    (Reported by

  * Bugfix: Fix regular expressions detecting outgoing message headers.
    (Reported by Elliott Cable)

  * Improvements to Multipart parser (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * New HTTP parser

  * Upgrade v8 to 2.0.2


2009.11.17, Version 0.1.18
  * Feature: process.watchFile() process.unwatchFile()

  * Feature: "uncaughtException" event on process
    (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Feature: 'drain' event to tcp.Connection

  * Bugfix: Promise.timeout() blocked the event loop
    (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Bugfix: sendBody() and chunked utf8 strings
    (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Supply the strerror as a second arg to the tcp.Connection close
    event (Johan Sørensen)

  * Add EventEmitter.removeListener (

  * Format JSON for inspecting objects (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Upgrade libev to latest CVS


2009.11.07, Version 0.1.17
  * Feature: process.chdir() (Brandon Beacher)

  * Revert http parser upgrade. (b893859)
    Broke keep-alive.

  * API: rename process.inherits to sys.inherits


2009.11.03, Version 0.1.16
  * API: Use CommonJS-style module requiring
    - require("/sys.js") becomes require("sys")
    - require("circle.js") becomes require("./circle")
    - process.path.join() becomes require("path").join()
    - __module becomes module

  * API: Many namespacing changes
    - Move node.* into process.*
    - Move node.dns into module "dns"
    - Move node.fs into module "posix"
    - process is no longer the global object. GLOBAL is.

	For more information on the API changes see:

  * Feature: process.platform, process.memoryUsage()

  * Feature: promise.cancel() (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Upgrade V8 to 1.3.18


2009.10.28, Version 0.1.15
  * Many build system fixes (esp. for OSX users)

  * Feature: promise.timeout() (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * Feature: Added external interface for signal handlers,, and
    process.kill() (Brandon Beacher)

  * API: Rename node.libraryPaths to require.paths

  * Bugfix: 'data' event for stdio should emit a string

  * Large file support

  * Upgrade http_parser

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.16


2009.10.09, Version 0.1.14
  * Feature: Improved addon builds with node-waf

  * Feature: node.SignalHandler (Brandon Beacher)

  * Feature: Enable V8 debugging (but still need to make a debugger)

  * API: Rename library /utils.js to /sys.js

  * Clean up Node's build system

  * Don't use parseUri for HTTP server

  * Remove node.pc

  * Don't use /bin/sh to create child process except with exec()

  * API: Add __module to reference current module

  * API: Remove include() add node.mixin()

  * Normalize http headers; "Content-Length" becomes "content-length"

  * Upgrade V8 to 1.3.15


2009.09.30, Version 0.1.13
  * Feature: Multipart stream parser (Felix Geisendörfer)

  * API: Move node.puts(), node.exec() and others to /utils.js

  * API: Move http, tcp libraries to /http.js and /tcp.js

  * API: Rename node.exit() to process.exit()

  * Bugfix: require() and include() should work in callbacks.

  * Pass the Host header in calls

  * Add warning when coroutine stack size grows too large.

  * Enhance repl library (Ray Morgan)

  * Bugfix: build script for
      GCC 4.4 (removed -Werror in V8),
      on Linux 2.4,
      and with Python 2.4.4.

  * Add read() and write() to /file.js to read and write
    whole files at once.
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